Author Topic: Κάπνισμα (και καταγγελία) για τα Hard Rock Café  (Read 3411 times)

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Κάπνισμα (και καταγγελία) για τα Hard Rock Café

Αρκετοί έχουν στείλει το παρακάτω:

To: HARD ROCK Management team
Dear sirs/ madams,
I am contacting you regarding a serious matter that has come to my attention recently. Some of the Hard Rock Café restaurants in Greece don’t comply with the law banning smoking in indoor public spaces, a law that has been in effect since October 2010.
We would like all Hard Rock Café restaurants to be smoke free, so that we can visit them with our families and enjoy a civilized environment while dining/ drinking. In the opposite case, I regret to inform you that we won’t be visiting your restaurants any time soon.
In addition to the above, I shall inform all my family members, friends and colleagues on the Hard Rock Café Company’s policy of not respecting its customers’ and employees’ health and its non compliance with the anti-smoking law of our country.
Sincerely yours,

και απάντηση που λαμβάνουν:


Thank you very much for your feedback concerning the Hard Rock Cafe location in Greece. Please be advised we take your concerns very seriously and we are already addressing the situation with our franchise partners.

We hope that this will not deter you from visiting Hard Rock again and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Take Time To Be Kind [μότο της εταιρείας]