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No-Smoking Anniversary

It has been a year and a half since smoking was prohibited on public transportation stops. Smokers waiting for a bus who really must smoke now have to step aside and smoke outside the borders of the (bus) stop while still being able to see whether the bus is coming…
People interviewed by Brnensky Denik Rovnost mostly said the situation improved. Why improved? Because the new law of course did not get smokers out of public transportation stops completely. What it did, however, was it convinced many smokers that it really is not a problem to step aside and stop bothering non-smokers.
When the law came into effect, there were large disputes as to where the bus stop officially ends. As usual it is located on a sidewalk or curb but it is rarely marked. So the smokers were quite often just half a step between allowed and forbidden.
If you ask me, smoking in public places should be forbidden completely. Streets, pubs, bus stops, everywhere. Smokers should be allowed to smoke only in their own premises or in places where they have the owner’s consent…
August 1st, 2007 - Posted by Petr Bokuvka | Law, In The News | No Comments


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