Author Topic: Non smoking laws in Greece and respect for non-smokers' rights  (Read 7877 times)

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James, on this site you will find plenty of info regarding the laws which of course are hardly ever enforced. Infractions cannot really be reported anywhere as you will probably be scolded and made fun of.

If you want to help, start by registering on the forum. You can come to our party this Saturday (22 December 2007) too.

Check the following for legal info:

Can you please direct me to where I can find a list of laws and rules regarding smoking in public places in Greece? (In Greek and/or in English.)  As you know, although a majority of the total population are NON-smokers, the rights of NON-smokers are rarely respected. Non-smoking rules & signs are often ignored, especially in state-run organizations!!!  Where can infractions be reported?  What can be done to first enforce existing laws and regulations, then move on to a total ban of smoking in public, as western countries began doing years ago?

I look forward to hearing back from you, in Greek or English, and to joining you in protecting our lives and well-being.
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