Author Topic: Greek Restaurateurs Defy Smoking Ban  (Read 1669 times)

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Greek Restaurateurs Defy Smoking Ban
« on: 23 Oct, 2010, 13:52:29 »
Greek Restaurateurs Defy Smoking Ban

The Greek Restaurateurs' Association has come out in defiance of the Greek government's smoking ban.

The morning broadcast of Mega TVs Kinonia Ora Miden on the 18 October 2010 reported that the Greek Restaurateurs’ Association has decided to defy the government smoking ban. The restaurateurs have also taken the government to court in an attempt to repeal the said law.

The main reason for this defiance is, according to restaurant owners, the fact that business has fallen more than 70 percent because of the economic crisis and the government initiated smoking ban.

The restaurateurs claim that they are not against the government law per se, but feel that the timing is all wrong since the present economic crisis has resulted, aside from the smoking ban impacts, to a business reduction of over 70%.
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