Author Topic: BBC Health: NHS smoking ban 'flouted daily'  (Read 1666 times)

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BBC Health: NHS smoking ban 'flouted daily'
« on: 03 Mar, 2008, 14:54:21 »
NHS smoking ban 'flouted daily'

Smoking bans are being routinely flouted in many NHS hospitals in England, researchers say.

Researchers spoke to three-quarters of hospital trusts in England last year, with two-thirds reporting non-smoking rules were being broken daily.

And spot checks by a team at Nottingham University uncovered staff and patients lighting up even though hospitals should have been smoke free since 2006.

The government said it did not accept the findings and had no evidence to show regulations were being broken.

National guidance published in 2005 stated that smoke-free policies should cover hospital buildings and grounds because of the role of hospitals as "health promoting" organisations.

BBC NEWS | Health | NHS smoking ban 'flouted daily'
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